Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Principal's Corner

Take a look Inside George Town Primary School! We are an outstanding school with over 200 students and approximately 30 staff members. Each member of our staff is committed to do his or her best to help ensure that each child has the best possible learning environment. Meeting the individual needs of every student in all aspects of their development is central to our mission at George Town Primary School. We believe that we can best accomplish this through mutual respect, open communication, and teamwork, both among our staff, and with our parents and students.

Parents undoubtedly make the most significant impact on the lives of their children. Educators, too, have a tremendous influence on students. Therefore, nothing is more powerful than parents and teachers working together toward common goals for our precious children. As you flip through the pages of this publication you will find that student learning experiences goes beyond the text book. Students frequently go outside the classroom to authenticate learning experiences. Students are involved in Information Technology, Foreign Languages, Sports, Arts, Public Speaking, and much more. At George Town Primary we have an open communication policy; therefore communication between staff and parents is ongoing. There is always someone to talk to about your child's progress. We strongly encourage parents to get involved and find out what resources are available for your child at George Town Primary.

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