Monday, April 7, 2008

Ogier's Computer Donation

Year 4 Parker firing up the donated computers
Ogier Cayman Islands, a leading global offshore law firm, recently donated 26 Hewlett Packard computers to our school. Thank you Ogier for your kind donation.
Year 4 Parker with Ogier Representatives and School Staff

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Cayfest Photography Winners

Artist Gordon Solomon (former GTPS student) standing with Zachery W. & Donte S.

For a second straight year, our young George Town Primary Photographers won the top three spots in the children's section of the Cayfest Photography Contest. Cayfest, the Cayman Islands National Festival of the Arts celebrates our heritage and includes displays of performing, visual, literary and culinary arts. Part of visual arts, photography is a fun event which draws the interest of many of our students.

George Town Primary is very proud of this year's winners Zachery W. (1st place & honourable mentions), Brittany P. (2nd place and honourable mentions), Cassandra J. (third place) and Donte S. (honourable mentions). Well done!

Henry Mutoo (of the National Cultural Foundation) standing with Zachery W., Donte S., Brittany P., and Cassandra J.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

British Caymanian Staff bring Easter Gifts

George Town Primary students in Year 2 and 4 were visited by staff from British Caymanian and presented with Easter gifts. The recent visit to our school is part of an ongoing tradition by the staff of British Caymanian to impart gifts to our students each holiday season. Thank you British Caymanian.

Thank you Chief Inspector of Schools, Mrs. Helena McVeigh

On behalf of the George Town Primary School, its staff, students and parents we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to Mrs. Helena McVeigh, Chief Inspector of Schools, for her commitment, dedication, and contributions to our school. We wish Mrs. McVeigh all the best on her return to the UK.

World Water Day

George Town Primary students celebrated World Water Day (March 22) by drawing pictures and writing essays. Students wrote about the importance of water, the impact of water on the environment, water safety, water conservation, and the challenges that people from all around the world face in obtaining uncontaminated water. Students expressed their gratitude to live in a country where safe water is readily available and abudant.