Thursday, July 23, 2009

3 Time Disney Challenge Winners!!!

They say that three times is a charm, in our case, it's one more reason to strive for win number four. Inspired by our very talented and versatile Year 6 teachers, Mrs. Latasha Miller and Ms. Wilean Hill, our Year 6 class was declared the Winner of the Disney Environmentality Challenge 2009 by the Department of Tourism. Launched in 2003, the Environmentality Challenge is a partnership between the Disney Cruise Line and Cayman departments of tourism, environment and education.

The Year 6 project, titled Environmental Stewardship Programme, was greeted with great accolades and fanfare by the Department of Education, our various sister schools, parents, students, and the community at large. The project, meant to educate the school, community and visitors to make a difference to the environment was supported by brochures in English, Mandarin and Spanish, with tips on how to reduce, reuse and recycle, as well as with a beach cleanup.

As a result, thirty of our students were welcomed aboard the Disney Magic Cruise Ship for a trophy presentation, an individual medal, a meeting with captain Tom Forberg, and a wonderful lunch. In addition, each student received a disposable camera to record their visit of the ship.
We are first in all that we do!


Anonymous said...

As a primary teacher, I am very impressed with the work being done at your school. Congratulations on your win! Your blog is top notch. Keep up the good work!

Nora said...

There is nothing more exciting that to see the children to realize a dream.
I am from Argentina and of here, want to say to them: this they posed beautiful in the photos!
And desire could realize more, more, more dreams, because everything is possible and your deserve it. :0)

Anonymous said...

As a Year 6 child, I'm very disappointed with the finaly product. Lets have a look at my idea:
A look at the negtive impact of the cruise industry on the environment and the hypocrisy of a cruise line sponsoring this sort of progam.
Lets hand a bunch of generic fliers and do a beach clean-up.
(No, I'm not in any of the photos.)