Tuesday, December 9, 2008

When there's a community event in town you can count on George Town Primary School's students to participate. This weekend, our young dancers and singers stole the show at the 4th annual BDAL Community Christmas Parade. The short program included various musical, dance, and literary pieces. It featured talented students from select schools and private dance studios. Based on the audience's response, our dance group, coached by Year 6 teacher/librarian Ms. Willean Hill, outshone the competition. Their performance entitled "Different Colours, One People" added the right touch of international flavour to the event. Our choir, with Year 5 teacher Ms. Julie Bain at its head, could easily have been mistaken for veteran professionals. In the spirit of Christmas, they performed a magical piece called "Sending out Love".


Mark Ray said...

This is an exceptional blog! Thanks for keeping it so up-to-date and with all the links to resources as well!!!

Love your banner and revolving globe!!! :-))

Anonymous said...

Its all about competion, being there, I can personly acount for the fact that their was no competion of any kind. George Town was one of two school singing groups and both were as good as each other.