Saturday, July 12, 2008

Year 5 Cuba Trip

Leaving for Cuba (Owen Roberts International Airport)

George Town Primary's annual school trip saw our Year 5 students visit the beautiful island of Cuba and its capital city, Havana. Surrounded by history everywhere you turn, filled with friendly people and beautiful sights, Cuba is the most populous island in the Caribbean and one of our closest neighbours. Included among the many places visited by our students are the Plaza de la Revolucion, the National Capitol Building, the Malecon, a schoolhouse, the outskirts of Havana, the Havana Cathedral, and the Castle of the 3 Kings of Morro (Havana Fort).

A typical Cuban classroom.

Built in 1929 to house the island's Senate and House of Representatives, and with a dome that dominates the Havana skyline, this building looks rather similar to the Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. Inside there is a statue of Athena, the biggest indoor bronze effigy in the world. There is also an enormous and historic gallery called the Salón de los Pasos Perdidos (The Hall of Lost Steps); a 28-carat diamond that marks the exact centre of the city; and the headquarters of the Cuban Natural History Museum, housing the country's largest natural history collection.

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